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What is the vanwaltDataSlave

The vanwaltDataSlave accepts an input from a sensor which measures single or multiple parameters. The vanwalt DataSlave turns any sensor into a wireless unit. It sits at location and transfers sensor measurements. The unit is provisioned with a radio "tile" which enables it to communicate with a PC or a vanwaltDatahub wirelessly over a considerable distance, up to 10km line of sight.

If the connected sensor has memory then the vanwaltDataSlave transmits the data from the sensor's internal memory. If the sensor does not have memory then the DataSlave collects the data from the sensor and stores it inside its own onboard memory.

The vanwaltDataSlave was designed by and manufactured in the UK under license from Van Walt Ltd.

Power requirements:

The vanwaltDataSlave is powered by 2 internal AA type cells. Depending on the connected sensor, these batteries should last between 12 and 36 months. The batteries are standard and readily available and can be easily changed by the user.

Sensor connections:

The unit will interface with a multitude of sensors whether by Modbus, SDI-12, Pulse count or a cabled connection. It will integrate data logging into any sensor to allow recovery of that data wirelessly. Can connect wirelessly to telemetry systems.


Modbus or SDI-12 interface compatible, enclosure waterproof to IP68, 3-year battery life, internal datalogger...

Unique benefits

Will operate with multiple sensors across industry sectors, license free, subscription free, long...


Enclosure, Electrical, General Characteristics, Receiver Characteristics, Sensor External Power...

More detail

For anyone who wants to transfer data remotely the vanwaltDataSlave allows quick, cable-less...


Fleck Radio Modem Tile

Every vanwaltDataSlave contains a Network Capable radio 'Fleck Tile' that covers the 434, 869 and 915MHz license exempt frequency bands for worldwide use. It has low power consumption so can last up to 3 years on two AA batteries with 15-minute sampling intervals.

vanwaltDataSlave Antenna

Rugged, robust Panorama LPB low profile antenna

Protected by a robust high impact radome the antenna is almost impervious to daily wear, tear and impact. It covers public safety / LTE frequencies across 700 and 800MHz as well as all global cellular frequencies from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700MHz.

USB Configuration Tool

Provides a direct wireless line of communication from a PC to a vanwaltDataSlave to take readings directly from any connected sensor. This allows for remote data download of stand-alone data logging applications.

Via Weidmuller Omnimate 5.08 mm pitch connectors. Cables pass through M16 (3-7 mm cable diameter) IP68 cable glands fitted to the bottom of the enclosure case.

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